New Fully-Electric 517-Mile Range Lucid Air Surpasses Tesla's Model S

New Fully-Electric 517-Mile Range Lucid Air Surpasses Tesla's Model S

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Not a day goes by without a new launch of an EV from a new brand. It is no news that the sector grows as fast as the speed of light. Now, Lucid Motors has come up with a new record though.

Lucid Motors, a California-based startup, declared that its upcoming sedan electric vehicle will be able to go 517miles (832 km). And yes, on a single charge. Unsurprisingly, people can't help but compare the new Lucid Air to Tesla's Model S either. Currently, the apple of Tesla's eye has a range of 402 miles (646 km).

No competition for Lucid Air

Nevertheless, it is not Lucid Motors' desire to be compared to Tesla regardless of any category, as the company's CEO, Peter Rawlinson told Ars Technica. "The world's big enough that we can both thrive and prosper alongside each other," Rawlinson said, referring to Tesla.

Completing the EPA standard testing, provided by FEV North America, Lucid Air has been announced as the EV with the longest range so far.

The company reportedly used its own technology developed in house. The vehicle's motors, transmission, and inverter are supported by an ultra-high, 900+ volt architecture to reach its current compactness and competency.

“Such exceptional efficiency, achieved through in-house technology, is undeniably a measure of a true EV tech company,” added Rawlinson.


Delivery in 2021

The startup is currently planning to launch the brand and its new EV, Lucid Air on September 9, 2020. Despite the new automobile's delivery time of 2021, the company offers a chance to reserve one with a 1,000 USD fully refundable deposit.

Reservations are available for the United States, Canada, and several European and Middle Eastern countries. For those who are residing elsewhere, there is a waitlist provided on the website as well.

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