German Hacker Turns 10 Sausages into a Working Piano

German Hacker Turns 10 Sausages into a Working Piano

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Some time ago, mayonnaise had been proved to be an instrument so mighty that we're guessing that anything can be an instrument if you try hard enough at this point.

In the perfect example of precise and high-quality German engineering, Hacker Patrick of patricks world has a new instrument named "Bockwurstklavier" in line for music lovers, which is made up of ten Bockwurst sausages that were connected to a computer to sound just like the keys of a piano.



Germans do love their sausages indeed; however, this short video by the German YouTuber takes the concept up a notch. The video comes with the description of "This is just a quick test of my brand new Bockwurst piano" and it truly is a quick demonstration, but one that is quite ear-catching.

Making music with traditional German sausages

The video was uploaded back in 2019 but has recently gained attention. In the video, it can be seen that he has hooked 10 sausages up to some wires connected to sound equipment, turning them into a fully-functional keyboard. Bockwurst is actually a traditional German sausage made from veal and pork, but who could have known it would make for such a good piano?

Every time Patrich touches one of the sausages while touching another piece of equipment in the background he manages to produce a real piano sound. The best part is that the keys work together as well as they do individually, which means he can play chords and make some real music.

How does he do it?

There've been some debates over whether he used a dubbed audio track and prop wires to fake the video; however, it seems like he really was playing the sausages like a real musician indeed.

While the brand is not for certain, he seems to be using Makey Makey, which is an electronic tool that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs single-handedly. You can listen to Patrick using the same tool to turn beer cans into a "sound machine."

On another note, check out his sausage piano here:

So the question remains, did he eat all those sausages afterward? Or did they all go to waste? We are hoping at least some lucky cats or dogs got a taste of those musical sausages!

Watch the video: German Hacker Turns 10 Sausages into a Working Piano (September 2022).