This Unique Drone Control System Offers Optimal Flight Experience

This Unique Drone Control System Offers Optimal Flight Experience

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Drones are all the rage in this day and age but did you know they are not all created equal. Want to test the world's first and most intuitive drone control system?

SHIFT RED: HI-LITE Package is a portable quadcopter equipped with visual recognition and various sensors to provide an ideal flight experience. Whether you are an expert flyer or you have never flown a drone in your life before, this drone is for you!

It features FHD video shooting and real-time video transmission functionality to offer you a stable yet dynamic flight. SHIFT RED also pairs with the SHIFT Drone app that lets you enjoy eight different auto-pilot modes.

It comes with sensor fusion technology that precisely recognizes the drone’s 3D locations and speeds. This allows you to take incredible shots simply by tapping your finger.

SHIFT RED also comes with Ideal Path Tracking that recognizes and expresses your movements in a smarter way leading to optimum output. In the meantime, Virtual Gimbal software reduces blur when pivoting or tilting.

Lens Distortion Correction lets you take shots as accurately as are seen with your eyes and best of all it requires only one hand and one thumb to control it.

Don't miss out on this wonderful device. Get SHIFT RED now for just $199.95.

Prices are subject to change.

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