24 Special Occasion Gifts For Your Engineer Significant Other

24 Special Occasion Gifts For Your Engineer Significant Other

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You shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to make your love known to that certain someone; however, you should always strike when the time is right. Sadly, finding the perfect gift for your better half can be daunting since the possibilities are endless.

We’ve gathered these amazing gifts you can buy for that certain engineer that will tickle their science whiz roots and make them grateful for your existence.


1. Pix Backpack with Programmable Screen Smart Digital

Express yourself anytime you want. If your loved one likes to be unique, let your soulmate create their backpack with customized designs. It's the smartest backpack you've ever seen. The LED backpack allows you to create new designs through your smartphone. You can use it as a laptop bag too.

2. Kindle

Entice your engineer partner’s lust for knowledge with the ultimate treasure: Kindle. Kindle is for the avid readers out there: not only you can gift numerous books at the same time in a small container, but you can also buy books for your beloved who already has a Kindle. It makes reading easier with its glare-free screen, a single battery lasts weeks, and it is waterproof.

3. Zendure ZDA6PD-s 45W Portable Charger

If your loved one travels often and carries their laptop and other devices, this Zendure portable charger can charge all of them quickly. Especially for the latest iPhones, it's the best power bank to charge them multiple times. It's a good gift for your traveler significant other.

4. The Ultimate Field-Work Bag

Who doesn’t like a good vintage-looking leather bag? This is a bag that will get more and more beautiful the more they use it. Any computer will fit just fine and it is also waterproof which means that it is perfect for engineering fieldwork.

5. Neck and Back Massager with Heat

It'll be the "hottest" gift for your loved one. After a long day at work, your partner will be grateful to you. It creates the feeling of actual human hands with virtual thumbs. It's light-weight and portable, so you can use it anywhere anytime.

6. Stuffed Christmas Stockings

Stuffed stockings by the chimney, who doesn’t love them? It will make your partner feel like a child on a Christmas morning and you can personalize what you put in them. Whatever you choose to put, candy canes, money or reusable drinking straws, these science-geek patterned socks will steal their hearts nonetheless.

7. Vintage Casio Watch

This vintage Casio watch is a timepiece that will never go out of style. It is water-resistant and has an 8-digit calculator that your engineer lover will appreciate. Going with this watch will not only help them with their work, but also make it possible for them to count the minutes until they’re with you. It is heart-warming.

8. Mini Drone

Drones are a big investment with high price points, but this mini drone proves that they don’t have to be. You can buy this mini drone for your loved one, we are pretty sure that it'll be their most precious toy for a long time. You can also use it to document your vacations together.

9. Multi-Tool Pens

This cool gadget has a ballpoint pen, stylus pen, flathead screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, bubble tool and a 4-inch pocket ruler: all the things an engineer needs. The screwdriver pen is also compatible with smartphones which is a big plus. It would be a cool addition to their multiple tools so it is definitely worth checking out.

10. Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This might be your favorite one with its powerful bass and up to 16 hours of battery life. Although it's a tiny speaker, it allows you to enjoy the beats on the road. Thanks to its dustproof design, you can take this portable speaker anywhere. Also, it's waterproof, so you can use it around the pool too. Your partner will definitely enjoy its perks.

11. Health Tracker

What’s more important to you than your loved one’s health? Your answer is probably nothing. This tracker will track their daily steps, heart rate, the calories they’ve consumed, and record the duration of their exercise. It will also monitor their sleep quality. This gift is the perfect way to show them that you care about their health and they should be mindful of it too.

12. Mind Games

These brain-twisters will arouse your engineer partner’s interest and challenge them to test their IQ and skills. It will take their mind off the daily grind and stress of the work-life. You can also accompany them during their chill-time and have a go at the puzzles yourself too.

13. 3D Pen

3D printers are absolutely amazing, and every engineer dreams of having one in their hands. Buying an actual 3D printer might put a dent on your budget, and it’s a serious investment. Therefore, we think that this 3D pen will be a fine substitute. Making hearts and flowers for your partner with the 3D pen will provide you the right amount of cheesiness.

14. Robotic Arm

This robotic arm edge kit with 200 pieces will keep your engineer partner occupied for some time; it is what they like to do best after all, assembling and taking apart. This is technically a robot lego for adults and it’s not just for show, it works! After the assembly, you can command it to lift anything below 100 grams. An empty beer bottle is one of them... Rest is up to your partner’s imagination.

15. OZERO Winter Thermal Gloves

Thermal gloves are the most important part of cold winter days when you're away from your partner. These thermal gloves add a new touch to winter. They keep your hands warm, and they allow you to use your smartphone when you're wearing them. Thanks to these gloves, your loved one can easily text you even when it's snowing.

16. Book Lamp Folding Portable Desk Light

This one is a cool gift for your bookworm partner who likes to read books at night. It will lighten up their night, and it'll also be a cool decoration for their desk.

17. All-Purpose Massager

Hours of sitting, planning, and mapping tires your partner. You could always give them a good massage, but are you a rotating, deep-kneading, shiatsu knowing massager who also happens to have a heating function? We don’t think so. This massager will never get tired, and your partner will definitely treasure it after working hours and hours on an uncomfortable office chair.

18. Mathematical Board Game

Board games are the best, especially when they require you to blast your brain out while thinking of ways to defeat your enemies… Maybe it’s time to switch out your old Monopoly and play a game of maths and strategy to challenge your engineer partner for a showdown.

19. LED Tie

This luminous LED tie is just perfect for any occasion! Not only it is insanely cool, but it is also perfect for your partner if they an interesting style.

20. Galileo Thermometer

This looks incredibly cool, and it is much more interesting than having a regular thermometer in your office. Also, Galileo is a science-icon that must be celebrated at all times, whether on your partner’s job desk or on a national level, it doesn’t matter.

21. Asteroid Desk Decoration

Desk toys: children love them and adults love them even more. Your engineer will definitely appreciate the sentiment, who doesn’t like space? Maybe they will discover the secrets of the universe while playing with their new toy. Also, it doesn’t hurt that it is extremely pretty.

22. NASA Apollo

In every engineer, there is a child who wanted to be an astronaut once. This gift will most definitely feed their inner child and they will feel like a child again while building the Saturn V space rocket. It will look fabulous on their job desk too!

23. Oculus VR Headset

Virtual reality is the new reality. Your partner will be in love with this headset, just make sure that they don't forget about you afterwards.

24. Math Wall Clock

This clock is the definition of chic geek design: the hours are marked by simple math equations and you have to solve them to tell the time. Your engineer partner will definitely enjoy the clock; their guests, maybe not so much.