The World's First Twitter Hotel

The World's First Twitter Hotel

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Mallorca is an island famous for its resorts and recreational services. Near the beach is located the Sol Wave House, just like many other hotels there. But the thing that distinguishes Sol Wave House from the others is that it is the world’s first Twitter hotel. So, you already ask yourselves (probably) “What does a Twitter hotel mean?” Well, a lot of things, but Twitter themed rooms and drinks at first place, and a #SocialWave community created especially for the hotel’s guests to communicate with each other. There’s also a special Twitter application reachable only via the hotel’s WiFi network, through which quests can send private messages, see the online presence and current location of the other guests inside the hotel.

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Friday evenings are dedicated to the pool parties, called #TwitterPoolParty, where the Twitter-inspired cocktails and drinks are served. The after party is expected to continue in the Twitter Party Suits, especially decorated to remind the inhabitant of the social media. Guest requests and orders are also accepted via Twitter, through #FillMyFridge and a tweet to @SolWaveHouse.

Well, many people imagine their vacation in some quiet and technology-free place (as much as it is possible nowadays), in order to take some rest of the so called “social media” and technological stress. However, there are different tastes among the people and more and different types of recreation arrive at present.

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