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Light and Sound Geometric Installations Highlight Stunning Mies Van Der Rohe Architecture

The Farnsworth House and the German Pavilion were turned into striking immersive art installations earlier this year.November 18, 2019Architecture and artistic installations can be truly awe-inspiring. A case in point is Luftwerk& 39;s two 2019 & 39;Geometry of Light& 39; installations.Working together with architect Iker Gil, and sound designer Oriol Tarragó, Luftwerk coordinated the work that celebrated the architectural forms of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.
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8 climate change denial myths debunked.

Lake Hume at 4 percent Image source:Tim J Keegan, Flickr It’s the sun causing warmingNo, it’s not. The sun is actually cooling, well, slightly, while the Earth is getting warmer. This process has been going on for the past 35 years. Climate change deniers have tried to convince people otherwise by cherry-picking the data so that only those past periods of our history, in which the sun’s temperature and the climate have moved together, are shown.
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Take a Look at the Interesting Pyrotechnic Science Behind Fireworks

These pyrotechnics date back thousands of years.February 14, 2020Everyone loves fireworks, except for small children and dogs, but what exactly goes into making the explosive and beautiful balls of fire?Fireworks are a lot more than balls of explosive powder with a fuse. They are perfectly constructed chemical masterpieces used in celebrations all over the world.
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Energy & Environment

Tesla Branching Out and Applying to Join U.K. Electricity Providers

Could Tesla be the U.K.& 39;s next electricity provider?May 04, 2020Tesla may be providing electricity for the United Kingdom at some point in the future. It wouldn& 39;t be so surprising, given the electric vehicle company& 39;s CEO, Elon Musk, is always keen to expand his businesses.On Saturday, the Telegraph reported that Tesla had applied for a license to become an electricity provider in the U.
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