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World's Oldest Known Temple Had Seriously Talented Architects

Hunter-gatherers built Göbekli Tepe 6,000 years before Stonehenge, and they had astonishing geometry skills.May 14, 2020Researchers are mesmerized by the geometry skills the hunter-gatherers who built Göbekli Tepe temple were able to put together. The structure in Turkey is the world& 39;s earliest known temple built over 11,000 years ago — that& 39;s 6,000 years older than Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt.
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Drones Perform Challenging Acrobatic Moves with New Algorithm

Researchers at the University of Zurich in cooperation with microprocessor company Intel, have engineered a drone that can learn to fly acrobatic maneuvers.June 24, 2020A team of researchers at the University of Zurich, in cooperation with microprocessor company Intel, has now developed a drone that can learn to fly acrobatic maneuvers.
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Amazon's First-Ever Electric-Powered Delivery Fleet Set for 2021 Launch

Amazon is developing 100,000 electric-powered delivery vehicles in Detroit, due to hit the road by 2021.February 06, 2020Amazon is pushing 100,000 electric-powered delivery vans, due to hit the road in 2021. Production of emissions-free electric vehicles is underway in Plymouth, near Detroit.RELATED: A VERY BRIEF HISTORY OF AMAZON: THE EVERYTHING STOREAmazon ups the ante in the electric vehicles spacePart of The Climate Pledge, this massive order is Amazon& 39;s push to meet conditions stipulated by the Paris Agreement 10 years early.
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Oru – The Origami Inspired Kayak

August 07, 2015When Oru designer and founder Anton Willis moved into a San Francisco apartment he didn’t have room for his fiberglass kayak so he had to put it in storage. Having space limitations inspired him to find a solution and he began thinking of the Japanese art of origami or folded-paper. If only he could design a kayak that could easily shape-shift into its very own compact carry box.
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