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2016 Chevrolet Malibu designed with Teen Driver technology

April 07, 2015All parents worry when their children pass their driving test and get out on the road for the first time. However if you put your teenager behind the wheel of the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu they will be a little safer thanks to a Teen Driver system from General Motors that is going to be revealed in greater detail at the New York Auto Show.
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World's Largest Four Stroke Gas Engine

October 23, 2013Instead of powering most of cars we see on the street today, there are some unusual four-stroke engines. The size of these engines may vary strongly, from small domestic engines that power electric generators through regular automotive engines and reaching enormous sizes inside some power plants.
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19 Innovative Tech Gifts for Father's Day

With Father& 39;s Day approaching, you might be looking through the internet and store catalogs to find a suitable gift for your dad. Finding the perfect gift can be challenging since, as with mothers, there is all kind of fathers out there. Some like DIY projects, some like cooking, some spend their entire day doing garage work, and some like to manage their smart home.
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FDA Bans Fruit and Mint Flavored e-Cigarettes

FDA says ban goes into effect in thirty days.January 02, 2020The U.S. Federal Drug Administration followed through with its plan to ban e-cigarette products that contain fruit and mint flavors.In a press release, the government agency said under the ban any companies that don& 39;t cease manufacturing, distributing and selling flavored cartridge-based e-cigarettes within thirty days could face enforcement action by the FDA.
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